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3D Scanning to Printing – Historical Preservation


Gravestones from the Charleston Old City Cemetery that were 3D scanned, then printed. 3D scanning to printing is good for historical preservation, teaching history, museum exhibits/souvenirs, and more. Contact us to see how we can help you!

3D Scanning to Printing – Floor Plans


3D printed attic bedroom with movable furniture at 1:36 scale. This model was used to rearrange the furniture by finding a good layout before moving heavy objects around. Great for room redecorations, interior design, and showing off many houses/apartments to potential customers before giving them a tour.

3D Design to 3D Printing – Military Insignia


We can turn military insignia and patches into 3D printed versions that are great for reunions, collectors, and veterans.

3D Printing – Game Parts and Miniatures


Create pieces for your board game and have them brought to life with 3D printing.

3D Printing – Your Creations


If you have an idea or 3D digital model you want printed out, contact us and see how we can help make it reality!